Thug it out 'til we get it right

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    Correctly "Slug it out until/till we get it right" = we will keep on at the problem until we find the right answer.

    "Slug it" comes from boxing = repeatedly hitting the opponent.

    nb 'til is incorrect = either until or till.


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    tThanks a lot :) aAll straight!!!!!
    Hello MaximTag, and welcome to WordReference.

    This is the English Only forum, so we can't offer you a translation. You could try posting on the Italian-English forum, of course.

    There is nothing incorrect about 'til as an abbreviated form of until.


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    I stand corrected, Panj., but would also refer to this:
    Noted, and fully acknowledged.

    The OED lists a number of reputable examples of 'til standing for until. What I can't find, though, is any clear indication of a difference between until and till in this context. In other words, I can't find any clear reason why anyone would write 'til rather than till.

    Now that I have the more recent Fowler to hand, I can add:
    Finally, it should be noted that some authorities urge their readers not to use a third form, namely 'til. In fact it is an informal 20th century contraction of until, and my be used with propriety in informal contexts.


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    "Thug it out" seems to be a new idiom; it appears to be mentioned often in the context or rap or hip hop music.
    A quick look at Urban Dictionary seems to show that "thug" is used in phrases with a wide variety of meanings.


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    Sorry to bump this thread, but I was under the impression that you till a field and you thug it out 'til you get it right.
    In that context, if you used the word "till" then you would be mistaken. Now, I could be wrong but I think that sounds about right.
    Interesting phrase though. Thug it out. We'll thug it out 'til we figure out if the abbreviated form of until is 'til or till. :p
    Just decided to throw that out there,

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