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  1. mikun Senior Member

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    I'm reading finland 'BCG-rokotusohjelman muutos' paper and encountered posted word. Does anyone know the meaning?
    The word appeared in the 'Tuberkuloosi Ruotsissa' slide. It is written as 'aktiivin taudin(thx-muutoksia)'.
    My try is 'thanks to '.
    Thanks for your attention.
  2. Gavril Senior Member

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    I'm pretty sure that "thx" doesn't mean "thanks to" in this context. It seems to be a technical abbreviation related to tuberculosis or vaccination, but I don't know what it stands for.

    For example, I found the following on Google:

    "Instructions for the imaging unit in studies (thx-rtg, thx-CT, MRI) of patients who are suffering from, or have suffered from tuberculosis."

    Do any of the Finns recognize the abbreviation thx as used in medical contexts?
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  3. etrade Member

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  4. altazure Member

    Looking at etrades link and after some googling, I believe 'thx' means 'thorax', which is the medical term for chest. "thx-muutoksia" probably means changes in the chest area.
  5. Gavril Senior Member

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    Ah, so does thx-rtg = thx-röntgen = X-ray of the chest?

    This doesn't seem to be a very frequent abbreviation -- is there a more common way of saying "chest X-ray" in Finnish?
  6. mikun Senior Member

    Chiba Japan
    Thenk kiitokset,
    Gavril, etrade and altazure.
    Thorax (change) seems to be completely match the context. I want to use this term.
    May I use your comments in my intra company report?

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