ti manco vs mi manchi

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by dante_k, Mar 30, 2007.

  1. dante_k New Member

    canada english
    Every site a go to has I miss you being mi manchi, but my girlfriend says it should be ti manco. Which one is right, or do they both mean I miss you?
  2. niklavjus Senior Member

    Italiano (Italia)
    "Mi manchi" = "sento la tua mancanza" = "I miss you".
    "Ti manco" = "senti la mia mancanza" = "you miss me" (I thin "you miss me" make sense... but(?)).
  3. dante_k New Member

    canada english
    I get mi manchi translating to "you are lacking me" and ti manco translating to "i am lacking you"
  4. DrLindenbrock Senior Member

    Italy; Italian & Am. English
    See it this way:
    Mi manchi: you miss for me - I feel you are missing for me
    Ti manco : I miss for you - You feel I am missing for you
    Hope it helps a little :)
  5. gatto

    gatto Senior Member

    L'Aquila, Italy
    No, actually:
    'mi manchi' = 'I miss you'
    'ti manco' = 'you miss me'
    the use of the verb is kind of opposite than in English. I mean, to miss is active (I am feeling the lack of her = I miss her) while 'mancare' in this meaning takes a passive construction (Io sento la mancanza di lei = lei mi manca - i.e. lei manca a me)
    Hope is clearer now

    Ops, sorry Dr, didn't see your post before posting mine :)
  6. Simpatica New Member

    Be careful,

    'ti manco' ---> you miss for me
    Mi manchi----> I miss for you

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