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TI or Targeted Individual

Discussion in 'Spanish-English Vocabulary / Vocabulario Español-Inglés' started by Sicily, May 21, 2010.

  1. Sicily Senior Member

    Madrid, España
    Spain Spanish
    Hace tiempo que quiero traducir "Target" o "Targeted Individual" en el contexto de "Organized Stalking" o Acoso Organizado.

    Siempre opto por la palabra "Víctima" que en realidad es insuficiente y peyorativa, si cabe.
    "Objetivo" tampoco parece adaptarse.

    Os doy un contexto. Gracias de antemano.


    Over a period of time gang-stalking has produced some commonalities among those targeted or victimized:
    1. The target is likely seen as a threat to a cause;
    2. The target most likely does not know the perpetrators of the gang-stalking;
    3. Those involved in the gang-stalking do not know the target;
    4. Those involved in the gang-stalking do not necessarily know why they are gang-stalking an individual; ​
  2. Perlocutivo

    Perlocutivo Member

    Spain (Spanish)
    Yo diría el "acosado". No es idéntico, pero creo que en este contexto iría bien.
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  3. pablocombiano

    pablocombiano Member

    Here it's usually translated literally, but I'm not a native speaker. When I read here in the newspaper, it's usually like "el blanco" or "estar el blanco"
  4. Sicily Senior Member

    Madrid, España
    Spain Spanish
    Gracias y saludos,

  5. kenw232 New Member


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