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What are the differences between གཙང་ཆུ།, ཆུ་བོ།, གཙང་བོ།, ཆུ། and བོ།?
And I wonder if the word གཙང་། in "གཙང་བོ།" or "གཙང་ཆུ།" stands for དབུས་གཙང་།?Or just means "pure, clean"?
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    གཙང་ཆུ་ The ཚིག་མཛོད་ཆེན་མོ་ (official Tibetan dictionary) gives 3 definitions for གཙང་ཆུ་: 1) water from the Tsangpo/Brahmaputra river 2) the river which flows through Tsang province 3) clean, pure water.

    ཆུ་བོ་ = any large river

    ཆུ = water in general

    བོ་ = is a masculine nominalizing particle, in Tibetan grammar called a བདག་སྒྲ་, like པ་, པོ་, མ་, མོ་,etc.

    In definition 2, གཙང་ refers to the province, in definition 3 it is short for the adjective གཙང་མ་ "clean, pure".
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