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Hi All,

I have wooden tablet and I am sure that’s Tibetan origin.

I done some re-search as much as I could, not very easy job to do, when you don’t know what “you are after”

If someone could advice me on script, what is it and where does it comes from - it would be highly appreciated.

Translation of text would ideal.

Kind regards


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  • Frau Moore

    I guess that´s a woodblock for printing a prayer flag. In the middle I can see a Wind Horse, on top left side is a Snow Lion, on top right a Garuda (looks little bit unfamiliar, but corresponding to the other 3 animals it should be a Garuda still). on bottom left side is a tiger, and on bottom right side a dragon. (Normally they are connected to the cardinal directions and on your block the arrangement is mixed up). The other block shows a double Dorje. In very short words: these are symbols with auspicious or obstacle overcoming meanings.
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