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    Ciao :)

    The context is non-verbal communication and its variety of forms. Among others there are:

    [...] formalized systems of gestures devised for situations in which people cannot usually be heard, such as hand signals for scuba divers or the “tic-tac” system used by bookmakers on racecourses. [...]

    I'd like to know something more about "tic-tac system" before translating in order to add a few more words to explain what it is.
    Googling I found it's a question/answer code: is it popular among bookmakers? Among american ones or worldwide? Does an average english mothertongue know what a tic-tac system is? :D

    Thanks in advance!
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    Hi Walnut,

    I am not familiar with the term "tic-tac" as it applies to bookies at the track, and rather doubt it is known among "average" Americans. I could be wrong on that, however.

    On the contrary, I am familiar with some SCUBA hand signals, but only because I have taken SCUBA courses.
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    There is a very elaborate system of hand signals used on the financial trading floors, most notably for commodities and currencies, but also for stocks in the NYSE.

    THIS is the set used on the CME for commodities contracts.

    But nowhere did I see it referred to as a tic-tac system.
  4. kiro Senior Member

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    Hi. I think the tic-tac sign language used by bookmakers is more of a British thing than an American one. I would say that a lot of people here would know what it was, even if they had no interest in horseracing or gambling. Have a look at these two sites for more info (if you didn't see them already)...

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    Jane Average here. Never heard it referred to by this term (tic-tac). A very funny system of gestures is used in Major League Baseball, too, between pitcher and catcher.
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    It really helped a lot. :) Grazie, grazie! Walnut

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