Ticking time clock

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Hien Pham

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Hi guys,

Can you help me to translate these words "ticking time clock"? I try to understand in this below context:

There's a lot of bacteria the in raw diets. And it's kind of a ticking time clock.

Hope someone can help me to know this.

THank you very much.

  • Hien Pham

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    The following is:

    I think raw food has too much of a potential for negative side affects that it's just not worth it.
    When dogs eat raw diets, their feces, their poop has a lot of bacteria.

    I hope this can give you more info.



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    USA - English
    Thanks! I think the writer means that the diet is dangerous like a ticking time bomb. (This is the more common phrase.)
    The meaning is that if you follow the diet, something bad is going to happen in the future, but at an unknown time. (Just as a bomb will explode at some time in the future, but you don't know when.)
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