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This 'tickle bumps' is a line from the movie 'Frozen.' A little girl said that phase while she and her sister were going down a slide of snow together joyfully. I looked it up, but it didn't really work. Would you tell me what it means?
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    I've looked on the internet and found this -

    'tickle bump- the act of someone tickling your armpits wildly from behind'

    Source - The Urban Dictionary.

    I then found a reference to it on a Walt Disney site. Apparently it comes from 'The Snow Queen' movie.


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    It's not really a common phrase; in the movie, it's what the little girl calls a bump in the snow that makes her tummy "tickle," like riding on a roller coaster does. As Utsan said, the title of the movie is Frozen; "The Snow Queen" is the Hans Christian Anderson story it is loosely based on.