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Madonna Halim

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In the book "Branding yourself", Paul Anthony Jones the creator of Haggard Hawks tweeter account, talks about it saying, "The next biggest developments followed from there: Blogging about the account on The Huffington Post was a lovely break, and off the back of that, Haggard Hawks was named by Mental Floss magazine as one of the best language accounts to follow in an article back in 2014. Setting up a tie-in blog and publishing online word quizzes and games helped enormously too."
What's meant by a "tie-in blog" a blog linked to or connected to Haggard Hawks tweeter account?
  • Edinburgher

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    German/English bilingual
    From your short extract it is not entirely clear what exactly the blog is tied in to. It could be the Huffington Post, or it could be something mentioned somewhere else in the text.
    It is also not clear what exactly the being tied-in involves. Perhaps they are hosting it, or sponsoring it in some way.
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