Tie one on

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Norwegian - Norway
In this text a young couple is talking about his father, who has a drinking problem.

My question is, what does he mean by this sentence:

He'll probably really tie one on tonight to celebrate how nice he is.
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    To tie one on is to get drunk... not a good thing for a man with a drinking problem. He's been nice (and perhaps sober for a change)... so to celebrate, he'll get drunk.


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    Hello NellyAndrea,

    It's an idiom that means to get drunk.

    Edit: Packard and Copyright beat me to it. Oh well, I still have a follow-up question so I'll let this stay. :)

    I have no idea how this phrase came about, or just exactly it is that one is tying on when they get drunk. :) Maybe someone else knows and can appease my curiosity, too.
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