tiempo de entrega

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  1. rlilloy Senior Member

    Hola amigos
    Queria saber como se dice en ingles tiempo de entrega. Se trata de un producto que quiero comprar y no se como decirlo.
  2. JanetF Senior Member

    Alicante, Spain
    England - English (British English)
    Delivery period or delivery time.
  3. rlilloy Senior Member

    gracias Janet!
  4. Miss Sunshine25 New Member

    Hello, i'd like to know how can i ask someone about "tiempo de entrega"
    I have a client and i want to ask him about some furniture that i quoted before, ¿cuál es la cantidad aproximada y que tiempos de entrega tienes?
  5. fenixpollo

    fenixpollo moderator

    American English
    Hello, Miss Sunshine25.

    Your question has been merged with a previous thread about the same topic. If you look up at the top of this page, you'll see delivery time as a suggested translation, which I agree with.

    Please remember to search the dictionary before opening a thread, to avoid repeating a topic. Also, please remember to use correct capitalization and punctuation in this forum.


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