tienes la bemba colorada todavia?

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  1. Akvaster New Member

    Hola a todos!

    Que significa la siguienta expresión idiomática?

    "Tienes la bemba colorada todavia?"

    Mi version es: "Are u still angry with me (have thick red lips)?"

    Now in English as my Spanish is a bit rusty - how can I reply to a Cuban guy (un tramposo y mentiroso grande) so he can finally understand that I'm really done with him once and forever, that this is really over. I know that there's almost no chance that this can stop him but still... Someone from Cuba maybe ayudame por favor! Muchas gracias
  2. Sprachliebhaber Moderator

    USA English
    If you want to say to him, "are you still angry with me", it suggests that you want a reconciliation, not that you want to break off the relationship.
    In my opinion, "¿tienes la bemba colorada?" has at most a very indirect relation to being angry, unless he hit you, and wants to know whether you have forgiven him.

    To break off with him, "he terminado contigo definitivamente", "no quiero verte más", "déjame en paz", etc. Or just ignore him, do not answer at all.
  3. Akvaster New Member

    Hola Sprachliebhaber,

    Muchas gracias por tu respuesta. Actually it's was he who asked me this question. So I guess my translation is ok. And indeed the best way to break off would be to totally ignore him since to talk to him it's like to talk to the wall...

    By the way is there any proper translation of this frase (talk to him it's like to talk to the wall) in Spanish? Tengo curiosidad...Gracias!
  4. Of course! "Hablar con él es como hablarle a la pared".

  5. Akvaster New Member


    Muchas gracias!

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