Tienes que echarlo al buzón con forma de esfera

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  1. Jadeite Senior Member

    Spain, Spanish
    Tengo un problema a la hora de expresar la forma de los objetos en inglés.
    Corríjanme la siguiente frase si suena muy torpe:

    Tienes que echarlo al buzón con forma de esfera

    You'll have to put it inside the spherical mail box

    ¡Gracias a todos! ¡Sin vosotros sería imposible aprender y aclararse las dudas!
  2. Haru Member

    Spain & Ireland/ Spanish & English
    Spherical mailbox? Where do you live? :p

    Maybe you can say this:

    You must post it in the spherical mailbox
    (notice that mailbox is used in US)

    Any more suggestions?
  3. ERASMO_GALENO Senior Member

    Lima limón
    Perú, Español

    ¿Qué tal "round-shaped mailbox"?

  4. Jadeite Senior Member

    Spain, Spanish
    He ahí mi duda, no sé si será lo mismo en inglés, ya que round-shaped no sé si será redondo (como circunferencia) o si se puede usar para referirse a un balón, por ejemplo.

    Gracias, Erasmo galeno
  5. Tatzingo

    Tatzingo Senior Member

    Where on Earth??
    English, UK
    I don't think I've ever seen a postbox/mailbox con forma de esfera but if i had to describe it then it would probably be as some other forero has suggested - spherical/the round shaped/globe-shaped/rounded mailbox.

  6. DataEntryDork New Member

    St. Paul, MN (US)
    English (US)
    Perhaps only a portion of the mailbox is round? Here in the US, the public (blue) mailboxes have a rounded top. And when I was in Spain in 2004, the public (yellow) mailboxes were shaped somewhat like a short pillar or column.

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