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    Hello all,
    I'm translating a tourist brochure and have come across the above in the following section which deals with craft demonstrations. I've heard of a tiffany lamp which seems to be a lamp with a glass shade, is this related? Many thanks for any help.
    Animations de verre filé, tiffany, vitrail, poterie, vannerie, fabrication de papier, torréfaction de café à l’ancienne, bouilleur de cru, fabrication artisanale de balais en paille de sorgho, fabrication de girouettes, sculpteur sur schiste… Démonstrations et ateliers tous publics
  2. Michelvar

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    Yes, Tiffany is a brand, from the man who invented this method of working with glass, and it is also now the name of the method.
  3. ando51 Senior Member

    UK, English
    Thanks for the confirmation Michelvar!

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