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Two friends (A and B) are drinking a beer when a third one (C) gets in the room.

A (to C): Look at you! B left you in the capable hands of death and you survived.

B (to A): Tiger balls to you, A! (and raises his beer).

Do you think this is some kind of "creative toasting" or is there anything else that I'm missing?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Very creative. Was there a tiger involved in the 'hands of death'?
    He seems to be saying, "Fuck you". The toast itself is odd knowing nothing else.
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    I suspect this is a literary reference. There is a piece of writing (see below) where a human sets the tiger against the monkey.

    In this case A is trying to set B against C.

    Excerpt from: - Tiger’s Balls: A Parable AMERICAN GODS
    “... And Tiger, he growls, and he roars and he’s off into the forest after them, and the monkeys screech and head for the highest trees. ... And even today, Tiger keeps chasin’ monkeys. So you all remember: just because you’re small, doesn’t mean you got no power...”
    Neil Gaiman - American Gods
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    First of all, thank you for your help. Chasint, it's indeed said in an American Gods episode I'm translating. However, there's no previous reference to the passage you mention. Bluegaze, I don't think he's saying that in a despective either offensive manner, because the other character reacts in a positive way.

    I've gone for: "Por tus cojones de tigre", as in toasting.

    Thank you again!
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