tilt and bend

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  • weird

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    Hello, Magg. :) I have found:

    Main Entry: bend
    Part of Speech: verb
    Definition: curve
    Synonyms: angle away, angle off, arch, bow, buckle, camber, careen, circle, contort, crimp, crinkle, crook, crouch, curl, deflect, deform, detour, double, droop, flex, genuflect, hook, incline, incurvate, lean, loop, pervert, round, spiral, stoop, swerve, tilt, turn, twist, veer, verge, warp, waver, wilt, wind, yaw, zigzag

    Main Entry: tilt
    Part of Speech: verb
    Definition: lean
    Synonyms: bend , cant, careen, dip, heel, incline, list, lurch, pitch, rake, recline, seesaw, shift, slant, slope, slouch, swag, sway, tip, turn, yaw

    Source: Roget's New Millennium™ Thesaurus, First Edition (v 1.1.1)
    Copyright © 2005 by Lexico Publishing Group, LLC. All rights reserved.

    It seems that could be, isn't it? :confused:

    Bye :)

    te gato

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    Alberta--TGE (te gato English)
    Magg said:
    Are they the same?

    Hola Magg;
    You just can't get rid of me..
    Yes..both the same..
    Bend--(stronger) You bend at the waist to tie your shoes.
    Tilt--(softer) You tilt (lean)slightly to the left.
    te gato;)


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    UK - English
    Hi Magge,

    I don't agree with te gato I'm afraid - they are not the same.

    Bend means that there is flexion, that an angle or joint is formed in the middle. You can bend your legs at your knees, you can bend a straw, you can bend a piece of string etc.

    Tilt is similar to lean, implying that there is no flexion, that rigidity is maintained, and there is no movement of a joint.

    The leaning tower of Pisa tilts, but it does not bend.

    Does this help?


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    Spain / Spanish
    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for the remark.
    Yes, I checked again the words and 'tilt' refers to 'slope' which is an inclination
    and 'bend' to a 'curve'.

    As they gave me 'inclinarse' in Spanish when I first looked them up I tought they might be the same.

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