1. chicanaliza Senior Member

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    Good evening all:

    I am translating an inspection done in a kitchen and there is a reference to "timbre frío". I have looked for a definition for "timbre frío" everywhere but have not been able to find anything. I wonder if it is hospitality jargon? Anyway the context is:

    En el momento de la visita uno de los timbres fríos se encontraba apagado, había alimentos en su interior.

    Doesn't sound good for the establishment whatever a "timbre frío" is.

    I would appreciate a definition/synonym or translation. Please no wise cracks about attempting the translation for myself first - I can't do that if I don't know what I'm translating!
  2. The Prof

    The Prof Senior Member


    This is only a guess, based on the context: an (audible) temperature / cold alert.

    I know that you wouldn't find food in one of those, but with a little stretch of the imagination, the 'su' might have referred to a fridge or freezer. I see equally unclear sentences in English every day, where the writer has not quite conveyed the required meaning, so I think it is possible.

    However, as I said, it is only a guess, so if another forero gives an answer that shows this to be totally wrong, I will delete my suggestion so as not to cause future confusion.
  3. chicanaliza Senior Member

    New Zealand English
    That seems correct. I didn't look at it that way as I thought it was referring to directly to a fridge or stove. The rest of the text is quite abbreviated so it certainly may just simply be this person's style.

    Thank you!
  4. Alisterio

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    UK English
    This doesn't seem to be a very common term - I've only managed to find a couple of fragments of text with a Google search for "timbre frio" (including quote marks):

    Elaboro las fichas de elaboración de cada plato con todos los ingredientes y los ordeno por preparación y partida de almacenaje (timbre frío, baño maría, timbre calientes, congelador etc...) entonces organizo el plato en función a las diferentes preparaciones que necesita, y a parte las preparaciones de mise_en_place globales como; Fondos, salsas básicas, marcas etc.

    ...maquinaria completa de bar restaurante, se compone de: cocina 4 fuegos y horno a gas, extractor acero inox, timbre frío 3 puertas, cortafiambres, salamandra,...

    It does look like it must be some kind of storage unit ("partida de almacenaje", as the first text says), that can have as many as three doors (see the second text), and your text does say that there is food inside it. Personally, unless we can get a Spanish speaker with knowledge of the food-preparation industry to confirm otherwise, I would go for something general like "cold-storage unit" or something like that.
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  5. chicanaliza Senior Member

    New Zealand English
    Oh no, that sounds correct too! Maybe I'll just stay very broad and translate it as "storage unit".
  6. The Prof

    The Prof Senior Member

    Alisterio is right. Unfortunately, I seem to have left it too late to be able to edit/delete my earlier response.

    Just in case it helps anyone in the future, I have found something which seems to suggest that a 'timbre' is a small unit (although that seems slightly at odds with the one found by Alisterio that appeared to have three doors):

    ...serán preferibles cámaras frigoríficas más
    pequeñas y específicas (o timbres, si el volumen a almacenar no es grande)

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