Time for a spot of silver surfing


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‘Why are there Applegarth family members in our little cemetery when they live in a big house up on the edge of the Wolds?’ Eve asked.
Wendy looked up from her gardening book and frowned. ‘Leon said they were a local family, didn’t he?’ She put the book down and fetched her laptop. ‘Time for a spot of silver surfing, I think.’
Source: Fire on the Fens by Joy Ellis
Context: Lyndon Applegraph is on the loose, and he is a suspect for pyromania in revenge for his sister’s death over 10 years earlier. Leon is the local curate. Wendy and Eve are retired RAF veterans, and they are share a converted chapel with a beautiful garden and an adjoining disused graveyard.

What does the bolded phrase mean?

Thank you.
  • PaulQ

    English - England
    Time = It is time
    A spot of = a small amount of
    silver surfing -> a silver surfer is an old person (silver relates to the grey colour of the hair of older people) who "surfs" the internet
    surfing the net/internet = searching/ using/ browsing the internet.
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