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  1. PDC New Member

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    I am looking for a good translation into French for the term "time-sensitive". I am working on a Medical translation and the text brings up the issue that some situations and emergency are time-sensitive and require an immediate response from emergency services. So far I have come up with something like "cas critiques et très sensibles au temps". Does that make any sense? Any better ideas out there?
  2. bernik Senior Member

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    It seems that 'time-sensitive' has been made up as a synonym for 'urgent'.
    I doubt you will find a French equivalent.

    Some emergencies are urgent and need an urgent response from emergency services.
    = certaines situations s'aggravent si on attend / s'aggravent avec le temps
    et nécessitent un traitement urgent ?
  3. la grive solitaire

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    Welcome, PDC! :) I wonder if there really is an equivalent for "time sensitive" in French... Would le facteur temps est critique work instead?
  4. bernik Senior Member

    Brittany - french
    great suggestion !

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