Time withers all beauty

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    Alas a friend is getting a tattoo tomorrow, and knowing I had the tiniest smattering of the language from the old Caecilius days has asked me to double check the phrase he would like to deface his body with:

    'Time withers all beauty' his attempt was 'vicis per totus decor' which made me want to shoot someone.

    Unfortunately the grammar and anglicisation of the phrase has stumped me so I attempted to be slightly lateral in my approach:

    omni pulchritudine aruit per tempus;

    postea, omni pulchritudine diminuit; or even

    pulchritudo moriatur ante corpus.

    But generally I feel like micturio contra venta with this one..

    Any help would be much appreciated and many thanks in advance!

    Best wishes,

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    To keep it short, you might recommend tempus edax pulchri: 'time is what consumes beauty'.
    The verb 'to be' is understood: more literally, 'time [is] the devourer of the beautiful'.

    This is in imitation of a phrase in Ovid, Metamorphoses 5, 234:

    Tempus edax rerum, tuque invidiosa vetustas,
    omnia destruitis, vitiataque dentibus aevi
    paulatim lenta consumitis omnia morte.

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