tinc la guitarra morta de fàstic a casa, avere quan fem alg

Discussion in 'Català (Catalan)' started by luduwanda, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. luduwanda New Member

    Hello guys,

    really like the helping people here.
    What's the meaning of the sentence above, thank you very much.
    In English please (or German, who's able ;)).
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  2. Lurrezko

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    Junto al mar
    Spanish (Spain) / Catalan
    There are some letters missing and the wording is colloquial.

    My guitar is bored to death at home, let's see when we do something

    I don't know how idiomatic it is, but that's the basic idea.

  3. luduwanda New Member

    Thanks (Y)
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  4. Fauban Member

    Catalan & Spanish
    "Mort de fàstic" usually means that an object (guitar) hasn't been used for ages. It's been forgotten by its owner.
  5. Pinairun

    Pinairun Senior Member

    Maybe the guitar is gathering dust.

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