Tipple/coal mining


Γεια σας. Θα ήθελα να μάθω πώς θα αποδίδατε
τον όρο tipple που αφορά την κατεργασία και το κοσκίνισμα του άνθρακα/κάρβουνο;
Μήπως είναι ο χώρος διαλογής άνθρακα;

Η βικιπαίδεια δίνει αυτόν τον ορισμό:
A tipple is a structure used at a mine to load the extracted product (e.g., coal, ores) for transport, typically into railroad hopper cars. In the United States, tipples have been frequently associated with coal mines, but they have also been used for hard rock mining.
Basic coal tipples simply load coal into railroad cars.[1] Many tipples had simple screening equipment to sort coal pieces by size before loading. Today, a coal mine facility usually includes a coal preparation plant which washes coal of soil and rock, before loading it for transport to market. The term "tipple" may be used interchangeably with coal prep plant.
  • Sorry I can't help with your question, Thanasoulis. It's not a word I've ever heard. Either it's a specialist mining term or it's not British English.

    I'm only commenting while we wait for a proper answer as tipple is a reasonably common rather familiar term for an alcoholic drink - at least in BE. Given the plethora of such words in English it naturally has its own nuances. I think it is more used for a small quantity of drink. As in "Do you fancy a tipple?" Of course ironic uses then become available, e. g. "John is fond of a tipple" with a tone of voice or even without, suggesting a large quantity.