Tips for learning: Kanji Pronunciation


Hey folks,
I was curious if any of you know a way I could translate some of these example sentences in this forum into kana.

I'm not yet familiar with very many kanji yet and would love to know of a simple means to translate the kanji used on this forum.

I know this may not be simple, knowing kanji is often interpreted through context and often has multiple meanings.

Still... theres got to be a way. I haven't got serious about learning kanji yet and I have no dictionary. Any advice would be great.
Thanks in advance. =^-^=
  • Anatoli

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    There is a number of tools. When reading an unknown word I usually check the words individually, in the context, as there could more than one reading or the tool may convert it incorrectly, you said it yourself

    Still, for a quick and dirty conversion, 90% accurate tool:


    Can't copy from this tool but looks neat:

    I use NJStar Japanese Word Processor with integrated EDICT dictionary

    There are, of course online dictionaries: