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Spain, Spanish
Hello, I'm Spanish but I also speak English and I'd like to learn Finnish. Could anyone teach me by msn messenger or e-mail?
  • avalon2004

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    UK- English/Spanish
    Hi all
    I have to tell you that from what I've experienced, Finnish is a very difficult language to learn and I sincerely doubt that one could successfully learn it without investing in good learning material. The websites I've come across have provided some interesting information but as of yet, I haven't found an actual course that takes you through the language bit by bit. I don't know if I'm allowed to include a link, but I found to be very helpful and it provides some other links as well..


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    Finnish, Finland
    hei kaikki suomen opiskelijat,
    i'm not a language genius so i don't know all grammatical terms and such but as a finn i do speak finnish fluently :) so if any of you need help, i'd love to try my best. feel free to contact me :)

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