1. 5tonguefox Member

    English - England

    I'm having real trouble with this expression! Does anybody have any suggestions for the meaning of 'tirer le fil rouge' in the following context:

    Ces conclusions tireront le fil rouge de la « démonstration » contenue dans le mémoire.

    I have translated it as "These conclusions will lead the common theme of the dissertation’s argument", but this sounds awkward to me.

    Would really appreciate your help!

    Thank you in advance.
  2. Michelvar

    Michelvar quasimodo

    Marseille - France
    French from France
    This is a very odd sentence, poorly written. I guess it means "These conclusions will enlighten the common theme of the dissertation’s argument".
  3. Itisi

    Itisi Senior Member

    Paris/Hastings UK
    English UK/French
    Something along the lines of drawing together the elements that form the argument.
  4. 5tonguefox Member

    English - England
    Dear Michelvar and Itisi,
    Thank you once again for your help!
    I think both suggestions would convey what the author had in mind. I will go with Itisi's suggestion of drawing the main elements together.

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