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I'd like to suggest the inclusion of the phrase
à tiroirs
in the Formes composées or in discussions dont le titre comprend le(s) mot(s) "tiroir".

A definition of this phrase in french from Larousse was included in the forum entry enjeux à tiroirs,
"se dit d'une histoire donnant lieu à des épisodes multiples ayant chacun une certaine autonomie à l'intérieur d'une intrigue lâche."

English phrases for it in this forum entry include:
pandora's box,
cascading effects,
successive repercussions,
follow-on effects,
ripple effects.

Merci de votre attention
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    Thank you for your message. We actually have a few compounds with 'à tiroirs', but you need to search for the whole compound (unfortunately, if you search for a single term in the plural, you will be taken to the page for that term in the singular; that's usually helpful, because it's the term you are looking for, but it means you can't see compounds that use the plural unless you search for the whole thing). We currently have entries for:
    blague à tiroirs
    histoire à tiroirs
    roman à tiroirs

    We don't have enjeux à tiroirs. I think whoever wrote that article might have been stretching the metaphor a bit, but I'll pass this over to our FR base to see if @Lacuzon thinks there's any point in adding it and/or any other compounds and/or an entry for just 'à tiroirs'.


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    Je vais ajouter une entrée « à tiroirs » et non une « entrée à tiroirs » j'espère.
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