'Tis a beautiful life we live, father

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American English

I'm looking for a translation from American English to Italian. The full sentence/quote is: " 'Tis a beautiful life we live, father, may it never change and may it never change us. "

It was a quote I read on the internet, I do not know the origin of the quote but I would consider his/her native language to be English. I'm considering using it as quote underlining a tattoo in memory of my own father because he always taught me not to compromise who I was due to things going on around me or in my own life, and his native language was Italian.

I view it as something I would say to my father to express the beauty or love I have for life/living, with the wish of not allowing things like material items or personal/dramatized events to compromise who we are as individuals. I did attempt to translate myself, but I do not know nearly enough about the Italian language to do so.

I deeply appreciate any help that is available!
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    Hi Jimbo, that's an awesome quote you got there!

    I'm sure you appreciate there can be countless variations on the theme. I've tried to remain faithful to the original register and be concise at the same time.

    Bella è questa vita che viviamo, padre. Che essa non debba mai cambiare e che non cambi noi.


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    Following Teerex and laurentius, and trying to use the least number of words possible, I'd say: "Bella la vita che viviamo, padre. Che possa mai cambiare, e mai cambiarci".

    Even shorter, if needed, but not as literal: "Bella la (nostra vita / vita nostra), padre".
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