tis the season

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    Hello mamaps, and welcome to WordReference.

    'Tis the season is a form of it is the season.
    Notice my apostrophe on 'tis to indicate the omitted letter.

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    Example: 'Tis the season for a little feel-good news, and this story out of chilly NYC more than fits the bill. As the New York Times explains,

    Source: This Photo Turns NYPD Cop Into Hero

    The internet is abuzz with a photo making the rounds of a police officer giving new boots to a barefoot homeless man.

    Hi, is 'Tis the season just a callback to the Christmas song?


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    'Tis the season means "It's the holiday season." (Sorry, as a PC American, I can't say "It's Christmastime!") But we often say things like "'Tis the season for family/friends/warmth/giving/amazing deals." The phrase is something we break out around Thanksgiving and put away on December 28 - it's part of how we celebrate the holidays.

    For instance, you could be at a bar on a cold, rainy night in early December and ask your friend if he wanted another round. He could then reply "Well, 'tis the season!"
    'Tis the season is a line from the popular carol Deck the halls, and is also an album of Christmas songs by Olivia Newton-John and Vince Gill.

    Today's Doodle features a merry crew of carolers, with a triangle player waiting for his moment. When a viewer navigates his mouse over the colourful doodle, he sees the message 'Tis the Season and clicking on it takes you to the search page for the same caption.

    The giant search engine seems to have joined the celebrations officially with an adorable Google Doodle that shows the letters G, O, O, G, L and E singing ‘Tis the season Christmas carol song.

    December 23 is considered the first day of the holiday season that is followed by Christmas and New Year.

    Today’s Doodle features a merry crew of carolers, with a certain triangle player waiting for his moment.

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