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    Hola, para un contrato comercial esta es un clásula de riesgo de pérdida. Dice así:
    Terms of Shipment. All sales of Products shall be F.O.B. point of shipment (origin). Title to and risk of loss of Products shall pass to DISTRIBUTOR at the time of delivery thereof to a carrier or shipping agent at the COMPANY'S loading dock for shipment to DISTRIBUTOR
    Lo traduje así: ¿Cómo podría traducirlo mejor?
    Términos de Despacho. Todas las ventas de productos deben ser a punto de envío F.O.B.; es decir desde el origen. El riesgo de pérdida de productos, deberá pasar al DISTRIBUIDOR en el momento en que la carga haya sido entregada y partido hacia un carrier o agente de transporte desde el desembarcadero (muelle) de LA COMPAÑÍA, para despacho hacia el distribuidor.
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    La segunda oración yo la pondría así:

    "La propiedad y el riesgo de pérdida de los Productos pasará al Distribuidor una vez que se haya vertificado la entrega de éstos a un transportista o agente de transporte en el muelle de la compañía para ser enviado al Distribuidor"..

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    me podría ayudar alguien con estas palabras en mayúsculas de este párrafo.
    Upon such tender, and Builder's proffer to Shipowner
    of said Protocol of Delivery and Acceptance executed by Builder and
    executed counterparts of the Documents described in paragraph (k) of
    this Article 7, "TITLE TO AND RISK RESPECTING THE VESSEL SHALL PASS TO SHIPOWNER", it being expressly understood that until such tender of...........ETC.
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    The relationship between "TITLE TO AND RISK" is that once you own the goods, any loss is your loss as owner. Therefore you bear the risk of loss once title (ownership) passes to you. A loss can be the result of fire, explosion, theft, shipwreck, anything that can damage or destroy goods while in transit.

    This is particularly important issue in the sale of products that are to be shipped. Say A sells goods to B. What happens if the goods are lost in transit. Say a fire destroys a truck and all the goods in it, including the goods that were being shipped by A to B. Who bears the loss?

    If the agreement is that title and risk (of loss) will pass to B upon the goods being delivered to the transportation company, the B still has to pay A for the goods even though the goods were destroyed by fire while in the
    transportation company's possession and B never got the goods (and never will). B bears the loss. B therefore should protect himself by buying insurance and not expect that A will forgive payment or ship replacement goods.

    In normal commercial transactions in the US, it is rare for the seller to retain the risk of loss once the seller has transferred possession of the goods to a transportation company. Therefore you will see this term (t
    itle to and risk of loss of Products shall pass to buyer) very frequently in contracts for the sale of goods.

    By the phrase should be punctuated with commas like this:
    title to, and risk of loss of, Products.... But it usually isn't punctuated like that.

    Let me know if that explains it for you.

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