titrate to the endpoint with

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    estoy traduciendo un método de análisis químico y aparece la palabra "titrate to the endpoint with a .....

    ¿Podríais ayudarme?
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    titrate to the endpoint with a... ¨titular hasta el punto final con¨...

    Adusting the concentration of a solution (such as an injectable drug) so that the smallest possible amount (or lowest concentration) of the active ingredient is used that will achieve the desired effect.
    measure by (the volume or concentration of solutions) by titration

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    Titration is a chemical measurement method. You drop a solution of known, accurate concentration slowly into a solution of unknown concentration, until the indicator chemical you put into the unknown concentration turns a different colour. Then you know exactly what acidity or pH the unknown solution is now at, and can calculate how much of its solute was actually in it. Therefore, titrate to the end means slowly add the titrating liquid until the indicator makes a clear change. It means "fully complete the measurement procedure" if you need a gloss.
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    En mis cursos de química se usaba "valoración" en lugar de "titulación".

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