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    Hello everyone:

    I'm trying to translate some latin inscriptions and I've found something I haven't seen before. The end of the epigraph says: D TITVL VSVS D and I explain it as D(ECRETO) TITVL(O) VSVS D(ECVRIONVM), I know "titulus" means inscription, but I'm not totally sure about the meaning in Spanish/English of these words joined together (titulo usus) nor about their correct declension case (ablative, maybe?).

    Any kind of help will be appreciated, thank you.
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    Here's a discussion in Dutch (at 3.1.4). It says that it is similar in meaning to honore usus, with titulo meaning honore, not inscription.

    Section 3.1.3 discusses the meaning of honore usus.
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    I am no epigraphist, and have no instantly complete answer to Nyx92's question, but TITVLO VSVS is indeed, with various abbreviations (Dessau's indices in ILS are a wonderful treasure-store of wisdom, but I have nothing else to hand), a regular formula, and not obviously (pace exgerman's suggestion in #2) synonymous with honore usus, which as I understand it would be tantamount to honore functus, vel sim. So perhaps Nyx92 could give us the entire text and indicate whatever is known of its date and provenance?
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    English but my first language was German
    Replacing an intemperate post with the quotation from section 3.1.4 of Tituli honorarii, monumentale eregedenktekens. which I should have included in #2 above. Section 3 discusses the following honorifics: Honore accepto, (tabula) libens accepi, Honore contentus/-a, Contentus, Honore habito, Honore recepto, Honorem suscipere, honorem libens suscipere, honore suscepto, honore usus, Titulo usus/usa, and Libenter adquiescit:
    Which means, I think---my Dutch is largely guesswork:
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