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    What is the correct way of pronouncing the name Tjepke

    in the context as follows:

    Tjepke Kroon starts his cheese shop in1831, ot the age of 19 on 1 Nieuwendam in Hoorn (now the Bontekoe Tavern). The cheese warehouse de Zon, built in 1651, was replaced for a new cheese warehousein 1874, designed by the architect A.C. Bleijs from Hoorn. Commissioner: familyT. Kroon and sons.

    Because if I pronounce it wrongly it may sound funny in Russian, so I want to know how do you pronounce it:

    like Tzhepke or Tiepke:) Thank you
  2. marrish

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    اُردو Urdu
    I would pronounce it чепкэ (English /ch/)
  3. Andrew1980

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    thank you, marrish

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