to a level Stephen King can't comprehend in this, his sixth novel

Stephen Schmidt

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Hi everyone,
I'm reading praises on Primal Fear, what does "comprehend" here mean? To understand? Or to include?

Absolutely chilling... Heart-pounding ... Diehl (the author) has taken horror to a new level
Stephen King can't comprehend in this, his sixth novel, a surefire winner...

  • Hermione Golightly

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    What's the source please?
    'Comprehend' isn't normally ( correctly?) used with 'in'.
    Regardless of the source, 'comprehend in' something would be wrong because comprehend takes a direct object or a full clause.
    However, and it's a huge 'however', you did not give us the whole sentence, so we don't know what the writer means. What did King not understand? I can't think that it means 'include', but you are the one with the answer!

    Added: I ask again, what is the source? After reading exgerman's post, I suspect that an important comma is missing.


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    I dont know who Diehl is, but I think I understand this. This is how I see it.

    Stephen King is a well-known writer of horror stories, so this is a favorable comparison of Diehl's work with King's. Diehl has taken horror to a level even King (the king of horror!) cannot comprehend in this (Primal Fear), his novel...

    The "in" does not belong with "comprehend" but with the following phrase - in this novel.