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What does it means please.

I'm afraid that the sentence where the verb appear doesn't help you at all.
But here it is:

The second problem with the dynamic interpretation of "B" is its implicit assumption that, to abstract from the emigration problem, the average productivity of successive cohorts of immigrants is not changing over time.

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    "The second problem with the dynamic interpretation of "B" -

    Does this refer to some statitical data? If so, then someone is extracting some data from the statistics.


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    Yes it refers to "statistics" somehow. Precisaly, "B" it's a parameter of an equation. But anyway, I don't thing it (the verb "to abstract from") has something to do with: extracting some data from the statistics as you've said

    My guess for "to abstract from" was in a more general term "to avoid" [the emigration problem]. So this was my intuitution, but i didn't what to tell you about that to not influence the way you understand the sentence.

    Now i did.

    So what do you think ?


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    Got it.

    I'll figure out maybe reading what's going on later in the text.

    Thank you so much ianmill.

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    Not much of an explanation, but here is a sentence that might make it clearer:

    Consequently, owing to the restrictedness of our individual perspectives and the finiteness of our particular existence we are likely at times to shrink reality down to those aspects which we can easily abstract from or correlate with our own limited experience.

    And here is the sense I think it is being used in in your sentence:

    • (abstract something from) consider something theoretically or separately from (something else):

      to abstract science and religion from their historical context can lead to anachronism

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