to account for someone

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I have a question about the phrase "to account for someone".

The context in which I find it is a dialogue from a US TV series taking place in the XVIth century, at the court.

A woman explains their role to young ladies-in-waiting of the princess and says : "You must counsel her, prepare her, account for her".

=> "Vous devez la conseiller, la préparer, la surveiller/lui rendre des comptes/vous ranger de son côté/la représenter..."

Do not pay attention to my suggestions because frankly, I do not understand this phrase, I have looked it up on Internet and in my dictionary and can't find any trace of it. I just wrote them down to indicate that I gave the translation a lot of thought before calling you to the rescue!

Could you help me, please? :)
  • Kwistax

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    je dirais qu'ici ça veut dire "prendre ses erreurs à sa charge", "se justifier pour elle"; pas sûr, ceci dit.
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