To acknowledge a letter v. To thank a letter v. to let the sender that the letter has been received

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I cannot determine exactly what "to acknowledge a letter" refers to?

Does it mean

1) To thank the sender that it was good to send that letter


2) To let the sender that letter has been recevied [But we do not know if there are thanks]

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Please let me know that if the word sender is correct for this.

Thank you.
  • Egmont

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    "To acknowledge" means that you know about the letter. It doesn't mean you think it was good, bad or anything else, but you received it. You can acknowledge, for example, receiving a bill for taxes. You probably don't like it, you don't feel thankful for it, but you can still acknowledge that you received it. Similarly, in a job, you can acknowledge receiving a poor performance evaluation even if you disagree with it.

    And yes, sender is the correct word for a person who sends something such as a letter.
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