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Sorry for my dumb questions, but I'm really tired and I feel as if my German got lost...

Anyway, I have to say the following in German:

Please let us know if you want to add a box in order to complete a pallet (so that we can load a complete pallet or even if you want to add a box to the pallet so that it is complete).

Please help!!!

Thanks in advance for a prompt reply ;)
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    Didn't I already said it to you in the private message? I'll try again.

    Lassen Sie es uns wissen, ob sie noch eine Kiste/Schachtel/Box/einen Karton zusätzlich haben/dazu geben (depends on the situation) möchten, um eine volle Palette zu bekommen.

    It isn't really the same sentence that I told you, but I don't know quite the context any more.

    "to add to" means in German "hinzufügen zu, addieren zu"...
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