to adduce a rebuttal


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PONS suggests »adduce« only in conjunction with »evidence«. Could it be also used with »a rebuttal«? Is »issue a rebuttal« common parlance?
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    Famous dictionary...? :D

    There are no example sentences, just expressions as mentioned above. Why would »adduce« be inappropriate in conjunction with »rebuttal« or isn't it?


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    You won't explain PONS.
    I won't allow any further posts on the thread until you do.
    And until you post an example sentence to illustrate the question you are asking.


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    PONS is a major publisher of dictionaries and all manner of literature for learning languages foreign to the native German speaker. I am from Kansas in the USA but became acquainted with PONS materials many years ago as an exchange student and chose their material to begin my adventure with Spanish. They publish school dictionaries (hardbound) and have added many online resources,. That is what the requestor will have been trying to say when he-she responded: "A famous dictionary".

    To answer the question, though, I believe that adduce would not be used with rebuttal in the suggested way. One would not adduce a rebuttal, but rather offer one. But this might be a question better answered by persons familiar with the formal language of the law.