to aid in alcoholism


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Two herbs may directly aid in alcoholism itself. Presently, the most promising natural remedy appears to be kudzu (Pueraria lobata), an herb that grows in the southeast United States, China, and Japan.
(C. Herrick, C. A. Herrick; 100 Questions & Answers About Alcoholism)

Would you be so kind as to tell me whether 'to aid in alcoholism' means the same as 'to aid in curing alcoholism' and if so, is it commonly used this way (i.e 'to aid in 'the-name-of-a-disease'')?

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    I find this less strange than the others that SuprunP has posted. It would be unremarkable if it had been "Two herbs may help directly in alcoholism". I don't like his word order and "itself" is odd tagged on the end. I'm not sure why I find "aid" odd and "help" acceptable.
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