to assign a lot of work

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English, USA
Ich versuche einen Satz derartig zu bilden. "Ugh, he gives/assigns us so much work" (at school)

Ugh, er gibt/"assigns" uns so viel Aufgabe.
  • Hutschi

    Senior Member
    In Elroy's sentence, I am missing the translation of "ugh".

    There are several possibilities. One of them is:

    O Gott, er gibt uns aber eine Menge Hausaufgaben. (Stress on "gibt"

    Or even more annoyed and I think, this translation is better:

    O Gott, gibt der uns eine Menge Hausaufgaben!

    Instead of "O Gott", there are more possibilities like "Mist, Murks", they have nuances in the meaning. From comics there came a new non-standard word form: "Ächz! - gibt der uns aber eine Menge Hausaufgaben!" But this "ächz" is slightly ironically.

    "Eine Menge" means here "a lot of" but in this context, it means "so much".

    The sentence is colloquial language.

    "Ugh" is no German word.

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