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Good morning! Another new one for you! :)

MAYES I badged the boss. Told him what it’s about.

Mayes is a Detective, and she went to talk to a man who in this moment is doing his job (he works in a Car Wash...) He is worried seeing the police went to talk to him, and says the first sentence, which is...

SAM Don’t look so wonderful, cops coming here for me.

I just don't know the verb "to badge". I assumed the woman showed her badge to Sam's principal. Is that right?
  • mimitabby

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    could it be budged (are you listening or reading a script?)

    here where I work, you can challenge someone to show you their badge,but
    why would someone do that to their boss?


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    right... badged the car wash guy's boss (showed him the police badge). BTW, Principal doesn't really mean boss (except in elementary and middle school).


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    morgana said:
    and what does it mean, then?
    i must have been sleeping.
    it must mean the detective showed the boss of the car wash his
    badge, probably to get information or to go somewhere in the carwash
    that the car wash people would have prevented him from doing without
    showing his/her badge.