to be a tall glass of water

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  1. rquiros Member

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    Hi there. I saw the following expression: "What a tall glass of water he was!!!"... so, I mean, what does it mean "to be a tall glass of water" for someone??? ... the problem is that I missed the context... Could someone help me to get it into spanish?? Thank you very much.
  2. lauranazario

    lauranazario Moderatrix

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    Apart from the obvious (that he was tall)... maybe the person using the phrase in English was trying to imply that the man was also "refreshing" (mentally/emotionally/physically???).

    The fact that you missed the context is a "problem" when trying to come up with a proper equivalency in Spanish, as the idiom does not have a direct translation (aside from the literal one).

  3. vlazlo

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    In the Southern part of the U.S. we say someone is a tall glass of water when they are physically attractive. "Look at her, now that woman is one tall glass of water..."
  4. Sabelotodo Senior Member

    Great Lakes Region, USA
    English, United States
    I have only heard the expression "a tall drink of water," which simply means "a very tall person." I would only use it for a person who is also thin. It wouldn't have anything to do with whether they are attractive or not.
    (I'm from the northern U.S., near Chicago.)

    Any idea of the origins of these idioms? If a very tall person took a drink of water, it would have a lot longer to go to reach their stomach. Maybe that has something to do with it?
  5. jacinta Senior Member

    USA English
    Yes, I've heard "she is a tall, cool, drink of water", meaning that she is "refreshing" to look at and a pleasure to behold! Also, it gives the idea that someone is very "cool" or composed.

    Think of a nice, tall, glass of cool water on a hot, summer day. That's the idea of the phrase.
  6. jinti

    jinti Senior Member

    I agree with Sabelotodo -- I've only heard "a tall drink of water", which just describes someone tall, regardless of appearance, here in northeastern/mid-Atlantic US.
  7. pollicuaja New Member

    English USA
    Here in the western US the expression isn't used very often anymore, but in addition to implying that the person is tall, it definitely suggests that the person is very attractive.
  8. pollicuaja New Member

    English USA
    Just another note--the fact that the person is attractive is more important than the fact that they are tall.
  9. Sabelotodo Senior Member

    Great Lakes Region, USA
    English, United States
    Apparently we "yankees" take things more literally. I can see why someone in the sultry South would think a cold beverage was very attractive. If I called someone a "warm cup of cocoa" on a cold January day up here in the North, I would certainly be saying that they were appealing--not that they were short and fat with a head that looks like a marshmallow.
  10. ampurdan

    ampurdan Senior Member

    jiā tàiluó ní yà
    Català & español (Spain)
    "A head that looks like a marshmallow"? What kind of cocoa cups do you have in the US?
  11. Misao

    Misao Senior Member

    back in Soria
    Zaragoza(Spain)- Spanish

    That's exactly my first thought about the idiom!!, the meaning was more literal than we all thought...:D
  12. Christian Senior Member

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    USA English
    She's a tall glass of water?

    I guess you might say that to a female glass of water!

    But the compliment, the metaphor, the idiom, is:

    She's a tall drink of water.

    It's just my opinion, but I'm right! *


    *Stolen from "I, Max", funny commentator on Fox Soccer Channel (TV).
  13. Sabelotodo Senior Member

    Great Lakes Region, USA
    English, United States
    We float a marshmallow in the cocoa. When it melts, the cocoa has a marshmallow flavor.
  14. chaoticthrone New Member

    United States; English
    :arrow:The other night I was at a party. Right before I left, I was talking to some people outside, and one of them pulled me in close to tell me something: "Hey, I heard some girls inside talking about you... I overheard one of them say that you're a 'tall glass of water.'" I didn't know what to think of this, so I asked, "what does that mean?" They proceeded to tell me that it meant that I'm "refreshing." The girl also added that I was "cute." They were surprised to find out that I had never heard the expression before.
  15. Anjie

    Anjie Senior Member

    I've always heard he/she's like a tall glass of water, and it was also used for someone attractive but most importantly as chaoticthrone stated, someone refreshing......he's like a breath of fresh air.
  16. Moritzchen Senior Member

    Los Angeles, CA
    Spanish, USA
    A tall glass of water refers to someone who is innocuous, harmless, basically of no importance.
  17. Daddyo Banned

    I think the expression is best used in the movie "Kill Bill vol. 1", when the sheriff looks at "the bride" (a six-foot tall, lanky but shapely and pretty Uma Thurman) and says "[...] will you look at this tall glass of c**ksucker?"
  18. marilu17 New Member

    English - USA
    A tall glass of water refers to someone who is physically attractive, as in "Oh, look at him... He's a tall glass of water."

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