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    Hello, everyone,
    in a comic book "100 Bullets", a guy in the bar tells a story, a kind of conspiration theory about the history of the USA. According to this theory, the country has been founded and is still controlled by thirteen families, The Trust.
    The narration is suddenly interrupted by a shootout. The guy telling the story takes down all the attacking guys and, with a gun still in his hand, tells the rest of a story to his mate who is kneeling down by his dead girlfriend.
    "...what the fuck?" the kneeling guy says.
    "The point is the fuck is what this country's always been about," replies the shooter.
    Does he want to say the country was corrupt from its very beginning? I know it is a kind of a play on words that is going to be difficult to translate to Czech, so any hint as to which way to go would be very helpful.
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    Hello Garin,

    the passage might indeed not translate very well into Czech, but I'm sure you'll come up with something sensible. :) I think the shooter references the saying 'doesn't/don't give a fuck about something', implying that those who run the country have never really cared about its citizens.
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    'Fuck' as a noun may refer to taking advantage of someone to their detriment.
    I think he may mean that the country has always been based on doing other people in.

    (This is a little odd as a conspiracy theory. Most of the theories I am familiar with have in view some idealized version of the US -- as they imagine it to have been at the origin -- and suppose that corruption came later. Sometimes only a little later, but they would not say that the US was 'always' corrupt. There are some people who think that the fall began when the looser association of the original colonies under the Articles of Confederation was replaced by the more centralized national government under US Constitution. Perhaps he was one of those.)
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    Thank you, dreamlike and Cagey, for your help. I think I can find a way to translate it now.

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