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    What is meant by 'to be an alternate' in this phrase:
    He eventually asked to be an alternate and was flown with his wife to Los Angeles where the show was taped over the weekend of the couple's anniversary.

    It's from a news item about a retired policeman who won a poker tournament.

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    In this context an alternate (noun) is someone who may be called upon to take the place of somebody else, or perhaps to play if necessary, but not expected to play. In BE I think this would be a reserve or substitute.
    Kosowski wasn't one of those who had been picked to play, but to quote from the link, "In the end, Kosowski was fortunate enough to get to play..." .
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    Thank you very much!
  4. JungKim Senior Member

    Is it possible to use "alternative" instead of "alternate" in this sense?
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    AE only uses alternate for this specific purpose: a stand-in, subsitute etc. Alternative is not used.

    Collins marks this
    1. US Canadian: a person who substitutes for another in his absence; stand-in
    Cross-posted with the succinct sdg:)

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