to be concerned to do something (formal): She was concerned to write

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Hi all,
I'd like to know about this usage of the verb concern, from Oxford Learner's online
be concerned to do something(formal)
to think it is important to do something
She was concerned to write about situations that everybody could identify with.

Who thinks it is important to do something, please, she only? or is it something generally though?
What confuses me that the situation is about something everybody could identify with (so not necessarily only important to her). Is this the prerequisite for using the expression? Could I say:
She is concerned to write about situations (other) people could not care less about. ?

Thank you.
  • Edinburgher

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    Yes, you could, because what the sentence says is that she considered it important that what she wrote about was something her readers could identify with.
    She didn't (necessarily) want to write about what people thought important, just about something they could understand by imagining themselves in similar situations.


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    Yes, it's something that the subject herself is anxious about.

    She was concerned to make her views know, since until then she had been completely ignored by everyone.
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