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Hi there, the following passage is from a TV's review.

"Any good show needs good supporting characters, if not immediately, then for longevity. The girls need to bounce the comedy off other people,
not just hipsters that pass through the restaurant to be heaped on by Max.

I'm not sure what "to be heaped on by Max" is. And hipsters? Does it refer to supporting casts in chic clothes? For whole Italic sentence, here's my understanding:
The girls (Max and Caroline) must tell other casts to learn how to play comedy, letting them know they are not just some hippies like thing who pass through the restaurant and that burden of the show should not be put onto Max.

Is that right? Thank you.
  • "Heap on" means to pile on, but in this case the author is using the term to mean "to pile (humorous) abuse on," that is, to mock or make fun of. As for the meaning of "hipster," the word is commonly applied to young urbanites living a self-consciously bohemian lifestyle. It is a bit of a vogue word in the US at the moment and has come to have a derogatory meaning in many situations. You might want to look it up at, where you will find much fuller definitions.

    The entire quote is saying that the show needs to develop recurring secondary characters ("supporting cast") to contribute humor and not rely solely on "hipsters" who are briefly introduced and serve only as something for the main character to mock.


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    This is from a review on TV Fanatic: 2 Broke Girls Review: "And The Break-Up Scene"

    We ask you to name the source in case the link ever dies. Thank you.
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