to be in the throes of


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In a weekly magazine I've found the expression "...Europe was already IN THE THROES of a development..."

I couldn't find THROE or TO BE IN THE THROES in

Thanks for your help.


Andrea from Rome
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    Mi riallaccio a questo topic già esistente.

    Ho trovato su internet vari usi dell'espressione "in the worst throes of", ma cosa vuol dire?

    Per esempeio, nella frase: "in the worst throes of his madness, those eyes had remained fixed as stars".


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    Hello everyone, may I just add that in my experience 'the throes of' doesn't need to refer to a difficult or negative situation - you can also be in the throes of dance, 'in the last throes of romance', etc. I would say it refers to a situation which you have little control over, which becomes larger than you for one reason or another. Ciao ciao. F. x
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