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    Dear All,

    I'm trying to translate the phrase 'to be interested in sth' ​and have come up with 'érdekli vmi'. However, this would suggest that the verb 'érdekli vmi' doesn't take a preposition, but is rather a transitive verb with an accusative object? Is this correct?! So, in Hungarian you are just 'interested something' rather than 'interested in something'?

    Your help is very much appreciated,

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    Or, on the basis that 'something' (valami) is infact 'valamit' in the accusative, does the verb take an object in the nominative case without a preposition?
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    Hello hashamyim and welcome to our forum:)

    There is neither accusative, nor preposition involved because you could say that the structure is more like this (translated word by word): "something interests him".
    So the "something" (alias "in something" in English) is really the subject of the sentence.

    See also:
    Ez érdekel. - I am interested in this. (This tickles my fancy - if you wanted a structure closer in English and if the context allows it.:))
    Mi érdekel (ebben)? - What do you find interesting (in this)? (Just to illustrate that "in" could be involved but only in its usual meaning.)
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    Oh thanks Zsanna! That's really helpful - thank you for the explanation :)
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    You are welcome.
    Ready for the others.:)

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