to be mistaken for a German

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What is the right translation of "be misunderstood as" as in "I am often misunderstood as a German, but I am actually French"?

My attempt follows:

(Traditional) 我常常被誤解是德國人, 但是我真的法國人啊
(Simplified) 我常常被误解是德国人, 但是我真的法国人啊
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    Neither was right. BODYholic was right. :)
    误解=misunderstand some abstract thoughts, concepts.
    错认为=wrongly recognize as
    Also you can say: 我常常被 误会是/误会成 德国人,但是我其实法国人啊。(Notice you missed a 是 in the second clause.)
    误会是/成=misunderstand is
    Maybe you'd like to learn the meaning of seperate characters: 误 mistake, wrong, wrongly; 解 explain, explanation; 错 wrong; 认 recognize; 为 as; 会 understand; 是 is。


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    The folks will understand you if you translate them like you did.
    I don't think "be misunderstood as" has to be 被误会为/被错认为

    P.S.Most Chinese speakers know both traditional Chinese and its simplified version,you can simply use either of them.
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